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Students of the Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technologies complete the training course on Metallic Additive Manufacturing and its applications in the industrial environment

From March 7 to 18, 2022, ten students in their final year of the engineering degree at the Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technologies (ESTIA) have volunteered to take a new training course on Metallic Additive Manufacturing and its applications in a industrial environment. This training is part of the Interreg SUDOE ADDITOOL project, the Territorial Cooperation Program of the Southwest European Space, which supports regional development through the co-financing of transnational projects through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

This research project aims to develop and promote Metal Additive Manufacturing technologies in the tooling field for an intelligent and sustainable growth of the SUDOE space. The subject of this training was the implementation of additive manufacturing technologies for tooling. This training took place over 10 days, combining theoretical courses, tutorials and practical work at the Addimadour technology park (Bayonne). The course, in English, was developed by all the Portuguese, Spanish and French partners of the project: AFM ADDIMAT, CEFAMOL, CEIT, ENIT, ESTIA, FADA CATEC, IPLEIRIA, LORTEK, UPV/EHU.

The training was organized in several modules:

- Introduction to the tooling sector

- Presentation of all MAM (Metal Additive Manufacturing) technologies,

- Materials for the tooling and metallurgy sector (powders and wires)

- Multi-process design rules (PBF laser, DED wire laser, DED wire arch, DED powder laser, metal-loaded FFF) and fabrication methods

- Topological optimization adapted to MAM

- Programming of trajectories (Machines and robots) - with the intervention of ADAXIS

- Practical work: Lynxter S600D (FFF/FDM) / BeAM Magic 800 (DED Powder Laser) / Kuka KR100HA + Fronius TPS3200 (DED Wire Arc) / KUKA KR60HA + Precitec Coaxprinter (DED Wire Laser)